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This project is unfinished! There is still a lot of work to do! I have a playtest out for the intro and first two chapters, but that's it! That's all that's been made! That said, I hope you enjoy it!

In a region where the dead are referred to as expired, and many RPG themes are very commonplace, one town finds a bit of trouble as a rogue bacteria known as chlorohemasperma (the green blood seed) infects their expired and restores their vital functions, raising them from the dead and forcing them to seek new decomposing or intact hosts for the bacteria. One woman survives the first wave of attacks and seeks to purge the infected from the rest of the world.

You play as Trinity, a young woman with a past unknown who lived in Okani Town, a small town to the west, when the bacteria produced those known as the unexpired. These monsters leave Okani Town and begin threatening the settlements to the East, such as Mejite Town to the Northeast, or Metana Town to the Southeast. As the only one who has figured out how to stop these creatures, Trinity takes it upon herself to save the rest of the region and stop the unexpired in their tracks.


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The Unexpired (Through Ch. 2)